The Best acoustic guitar stand 2022: Top Rated

To secure your instruments in place and still keep your room or studio organized, the best acoustic guitar stands are a must-have.

Acoustic guitar stands primarily are categorized into four types: The popular A-Frame, Guitar Tripod, Multi-Guitar, and Guitar wall mounts.

Best acoustic guitar stand

It doesn’t matter if you have one or a battalion of acoustic guitars, getting stands is the ideal way to ensure they are within reach. If you are a true guitar fanatic, then you won’t nail them on the wall or leave them laying on sofas and the likes.

Safety comes first and that’s why today I have decided to ease things for you by compiling this list of the best acoustic guitar stand available in the market.

Let’s check them out.

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The Best Acoustic Guitar stands

1. A-Frame Guitar Stand-  Best A-frame Stand

A-Frame guitar cuts through the chase with its dexterity features. First off, it occupies a minimal space floor space but has large enough room to hold any electric or acoustic guitar.

A-Frame Guitar Stand
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The adjustable width features three settings that will accommodate any acoustic guitar size while the non-slip rubber stands grip the whole stand in place on the floor.

It comes with soft foam arms and back rest design to protect your acoustic guitar from getting scratched.

The A-Frame will make a great stage guitar stand thanks to the absence of the upper frame. There’s a very little visual barrier.

Artistically, this stand is super appealing for interior design as it matches most modern house setups.

The support arms are firm and strong enough to hold any weight of the acoustic guitar.


  • Hold all acoustic guitar sizes
  • Features padded arms and rubber feet
  • Easy to fold to small size for storage
  • Ideal for use in stage setup
  • Very Affordable


  • Asymmetric instruments might sit warped due to the firm arms

2. Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic Stand-  Best Tripod Stand

For the lover of a lightweight guitar stand, the Musician’s Gear is a brilliant pick. It’s made with durable soft black neoprene rubber tubing that weighs only 1.8 pounds. The rubber tubing is ideal for protecting your guitar.

Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic Stand
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Don’t be fooled by the lightweight tubing, it’s strong enough to hold any kind of acoustic guitar there is.

It also features rubber non-slip feet and a rubber strap to secure the guitar in place. The tripod base is wide enough to enhance the stand stability and hold the whole stand in place.

Add a cherry on the cake, the Musician’s Gear tripod stand folds down easily. This makes it super portable for musicians moving around for gigs as it just fits perfectly in a case.


  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to fold and move around with
  • Very durable
  • Rubber tube protect the instruments
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for vintage or nitrocellulose-finish guitar

3. String Swing Guitar Stand- Best Multiple Stand

Next on the list is String Swing, a reputable company known for its premium handcrafted guitar stands and wall mounts. The Strings Swing guitar is made of solid ash wood that holds three acoustic guitars.

Musician’s Gear Electric, Acoustic Stand
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The stand features a padded soft guitar rest and durable tubing designed to hold the guitar in place to prevent being scratched.

Aesthetically, this rack is tailored with locally sourced and responsibly harvested hardwood initiated by local Amish artisans.

Their attention to detail and decent finish on the stand brings out the appealing look that perfectly fits any house, studio, or office setup.


  • Hold up to three acoustic guitars
  • Stand finish fits any room
  • Sturdy hardwood construction
  • Padded guitar rest


  • It’s a bit heavy

4. Hercules GS415B A/G Stand

Sleek, stylish, and sturdy, Hercules GS415B is designed to grab your acoustic guitar by the neck instead of the traditional style by the bottom part.

Hercules GS415B A/G Stand
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It features an Auto-Grip system that automatically closes once you’ve placed the guitar on the grip and quickly opens when weight is lifted off the head lock yoke. The yoke is large enough to accommodate most standard acoustic guitars.

Also, the auto grab system folds easily while collapsing the entire stand into a reasonable packaging small size.

Thanks to Hercules’ quick-action clutch, adjusting the stand height is easy and can reach a max of 45.3 inches.

Although it requires more floor space, the GS415B utilizes the multi-angle backrest that holds the instrument in place.


  • Auto-grip yoke
  • Special pads safe for most guitar finish
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Fully-collapsible thus super portable
  • Soft rubber placed at contact points


  • Not great for instruments with a narrow neck

5. String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger- Best Wall Mount

If you are more inclined to wall mount guitar holds and save the floor space for other stuff, the String Swing guitar hanger is a perfect option.

String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger
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The String Swing company located in Wisconsin has been crafting guitar arsenal since 1983 and for sure they know a thing or two about guitar hangers.

The String Swing guitar wall hails from their large pool of wall mounts flanked with an array of features. It’s made with solid wood, metal hardware, and a very soft rotating rubber yoke.

This guitar wall mount comes in various wood finish that allows you to pick what blends perfectly with your furniture in the office, studio, or home.

Unlike its predecessor, this hangar has a deeper cradle crafted to firmly hold the guitar in place and prevent it from slipping off.


  • Comes in various wood finish
  • A deeper cradle to hold the guitar firmly
  • Ideal for tiny space
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not ideal for classical guitars

6. Ruach Wooden Guitar Stand- Best Elegant Design

For those who an elegant instrument is on top of the bucket list, Ruach wooden is solely crafted for such. It’s handmade from solid hardwood with a nice satin lacquer finish by guys from Northern Ireland.

Ruach Wooden Guitar Stand
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The Ruach GS-1 is the original coming from the series and it’s crafted from durable Mahogany and the glossy finish compliments any of your classic or elegant guitar.

Thanks to the 39-inch elevation above the ground, Ruach wooden stand is ideal for the long instrument to. It features a nice long curved neck with a classic finish to match your furniture.

The base is equipped with eight small black rubber feet to grip the whole stand on the ground. Also, the base area is large enough to enhance stability.

If you looking for a guitar stand to hold your most valued instrument then grab this solid wood with an elegant design stand.


  • Elegant finish
  • Great for classical guitar
  • Ideal for long instruments
  • Wide and sturdy base


  • No padding to protect your guitar back

7. K&M 17580 Heli 2 Acoustic Stand

If you need a guitar stand that holds pretty much every shape and size of your instrument, K&M 17580 Heli 2 fits the criteria.

K&M 17580 Heli 2 Acoustic Stand
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It features an adjustable cross bar that depicts genius craftsmanship on the stand. The cross bar accommodates different guitar sizes.

K&M Heli stand allows you to set the width between 7’’ to 9’’ to fit any guitar style or other instruments

It’s super lightweight and when it’s time to move, the stand folds flats to ease portability.  The nifty lock holds the cross in place to stop the A-Frame from accidentally opening.

The 17580 Heli 2 stand enjoys the inclusion of non-marring material that’s exclusive for K&M products. You can now stall your prized instruments without worrying about being scratched.


  • Made with durable steel
  • Has transport lock to secure when traveling
  • Adjustable cross bar
  • Guarantees safety for expensive instruments


  • Narrow top support might fall on sideways

Tips to Pick Your Acoustic Guitar Stand

Style- It’s important that the stand matches your guitar. Versatility is key since the stand should not only fit your space perfectly but your gig bag too.

Brand- Picking a reputable brand simply guarantees good quality products. It helps you get a stand that assures value for your money.

Adjustability- It’s important to get a guitar stand with adjustable features to fix the small instrument in place as well as create more space for the larger ones. This is ideal especially when you need to display different types and sizes of guitars.

Durability- Getting the best acoustic guitar should be accompanied by a durable stand. The stand should be able to withstand random falls, knocks, weather, and whatnot.

Weight- You don’t want to go for the bulky stand if you are the kind who frequently moves around with your instruments. Though they come with a hefty price, you ought to go for the lightweight guitar stand for easy mobility.

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In a NutShell

To get the best acoustic guitar, first, you need to identify your personal style. Do you need a wall mount, a stand on the floor, a rack to hold more than one guitar, and so on.

A guitar stand is not a guarantee but is for sure a better way that secure your guitar other than leaning them on walls.

So, today’s article is meant to offer a remedy by listing the best acoustic guitar currently in the market.

I hope you enjoy the content and happy shopping.

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