Top 7 Best piano for beginner child 2021 Reviewed: Kids Guide

As a parent, you’ll be super excited when your kid shows interest in music. Well,  a piano goes without saying is a brilliant instrument to kick off their journey into music. But it’s daunting when you don’t know which is the best piano for beginner child. Best piano for beginner child

Picking the right keyboard is for a beginner kid is paramount. The piano ought to be semi-weighted or weighted keys to give that piano touch and strengthen the kid’s fingers from the scratch level.

I always prefer when the keyboard has adjustable touch sensitivity to allow the tutor to tweak the keys to the kids matching.

However, don’t go for the full-size piano yet until you are sure your child wants to go down the piano street. A scaled down piano will do just fine for a start.

So, today I have listed the best piano for beginner kids to save you the hassle of hunting for one in the vast market of pianos.

Let’s check them out.

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The best piano for beginner child

1. GoPlus Classical Kids Piano


  • 30 Soft Keys
  • ABS plastic body
  • Hardwood bench
  • Medium Density Fiber (MDF) keyboard
  • Size: 19.2’ x 19.2’ x 19.4
  • Weight: 21 lbs

The GoPlus Classical kids piano offers an elegant, fancy look with the feel of a real piano. It’s crafted with birch wood and got fancy decorations that simulate a grand piano.

GoPlus Classical Kids Piano
Check Price on Amazon

On the first look, this piano will automatically get your kid’s attention. GoPlus features 30 functional keys which means the kid will start creating their own melodies right from a tender age.

The keys are designed to produce super intriguing sounds to entice the kid’s interest in playing more. You can either keep the lid open or closed to spice up the tune’s dynamics.

Also, you can play the piano to mimic your kid’s tunes as they discover their own. This helps improve the child’s hand-eye coordination.  

If you want to gift your kid something entertaining and beautiful then GoPlus Classic piano will do. It is available in bright pink and black.

It’s large enough for children up to age 7 to play.


  • Features small keys ideal for small hands
  • Can be used up to 7 years kids
  • Simulate grand piano
  • Comes with a sturdy, comfy hardwood bench
  • Features 30 keys, enough for kids to craft own sound
  • Comes with lots of safety features to ensure the kid play safe


  • Keys are little wobbly

2. Baby Einstein Notes & Keys Keyboard


  • Magic Touch technology
  • 150+ sounds & melodies including Silly Mode sound effects
  • Size: 67.6 L, 19.8 W, 5.8 H cm
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Suitable for ages 12 to 36 months
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs

What a great way to start your kid’s music career that grants him/her the Notes & Keys Magic touch keyboard hailing from Baby Einstein.

Baby Einsten Notes & Keys Keyboard
Check Price on Amazon

The Notes & Keys piano is super portable and will fit kids from age 12 to 36 months. It’s made with award-winning Magic Touch technology.

This wooden toy that’s designed to mold music at your kid’s fingers. It features endless music possibilities in Freeplay mode. The kid can switch to xylophone, piano, hip-hop, and also drum sounds.

With the Play Assist technology, your kid will discover new songs by following the lights. Also, it features a Silly Mode which activates sound effects copious.

Baby Einstein Notes & Keys is simply designed to get your kid started already.


  • Perfect size for kids
  • You can switch between, hip hop, xylophone, drum sound, piano
  • Features a light that plays along with the song
  • Has 150+ sounds and melodies
  • Classic wooden that very attractive


  • Can be heavy for some kids

3. Casio CT-X700


  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • LCD display
  • Keyboard layer and split functions
  • Medal and audio inputs
  • Onboard lesson tools
  • AiX tech sound source, 600 sounds, 160 songs incorporated

The Casio CT-X700 is simply a champ when you want to introduce your child to the piano. Introduced in 2018, the CT-X700 has 61 full-size, touch-sensitive keys, and it’s loaded with numerous educative features that are kid-friendly.

Casio CT-X700
Check Price on Amazon

It features 600 pre-set sounds and offers a whopping 19 different rhythms to lay with. With these features included, your kid will hit play and start playing along with the beat.

As tradition with Casio’s beginner’s portable pianos, the CT-X700 has each keynote labeled by name below the keybed and match the percussion instrument. This feature is ideal for kids who are still on the initial steps of learning a piano.

This piano comes with lots of audio in and out-outs, USB connectivity, and all the features that any beginner will need to start playing already. With the MIDI recorder included, the kid will connect the keyboard to a computer and enhance their skills.


  • Its super lightweight and portable
  • Powered by batteries and AC for flexibility
  • One touch piano, one-touch settings & registration functions ease back preferred settings
  • Set-up lesson system, built-in metronome, on-screen chord guide help kids learn & develop their skills
  • Features GM level 1 MIDI with 15-channel multi-timbre receive with onboard USB connectivity to allow interact with numerous apps & software.


  • Keys are not weighted

4. Alensis Recital Pro With 88 keys- Best for Kids age 7+


  • Premium hammer-action keyboard
  • 88 weighted keys
  • 12 onboard voices
  • Built-in metronome for developing rhythm and timing
  • Split, and layer mode
  • Headphone output
  • Powered through AC or battery
  • Polyphony: 128 Notes

The Alensis Recital Pro is a brilliant digital piano pick for kids looking to upgrade from a smaller piano. The keyboard features seven octaves with 88 keys full-sized keys which your child will definetly love.

Alensis Recital Pro With 88 keys
Check Price on Amazon

It has semi-weighted keys designed to simulate the acoustic piano and adjustable touch-sensitive keys. This helps the tutor to adjust the key weight to assume the kid’s natural touch.

For contemporary piano lessons, the Alensis Pro has 5 ‘voices’ that allow the kid to switch the timbre from acoustic to electric piano, synth, bass, or organ.

It also has lesson mode which virtually divides the keyboard into two matching halves. Literally, you have a twin keyboard each with 44 keys so the kid will copy one on one the tutor fingering, and pitch.

You get ports for USB, RCA, headphones, and pedals but it doesn’t come with pedals. You’ll have to but then separately.

The kid will enjoy 3 months of online practice on Skoove with a live tutor courtesy of Alensis Recital Pro.


  • Kids will enjoy the 88 weighted keys
  • Powered by either wall plug or 6 D-Cell batteries
  • Features educational mode
  • Offer close feeling to an acoustic piano
  • Your kid won’t outgrow the piano fast


  • Doesn’t include pedals on purchase

5. RockJam RJ561 with 61 keys Keyboard


  • 61 full-size keys
  • Large LCD display
  • 100 rhythms, 100 keyboard sounds, 50 pre-recorded sounds
  • Stand & bench present
  • Headphones included

Well, the RockJam RJ561 is not just a beginner’s keyboard but an excellent pick for learners willing to grow with it until you start using it on stage band. It’s equipped with plenty of features that a learner will need to practice.

RockJam RJ561 with 61 keys Keyboard
Check Price on Amazon

The Rockjam kit includes a keyboard kit, cushioned stool, stand, headphones, and power supply. It also comes with an LCD that clearly displays the tempo, tone and rhythm activated. The LCD also displays which of the 61 keys should be pressed to play along.

This piano will allow the kid to record their progress tracking and craft their own composition from scratch then play back later.

It comes with 100 rhythms, 100 keyboard sounds, and 50 pre-recorded sounds that are meant to help the kid in creating their own music and improve effects when playing sounds.

I won’t say RockJam RJ61 sound is the best, buts it’s a superb start for any kid beginning to learn piano. It allows kids to learn at their own speed with the help of free lessons either through face-to-face or interactive app.

The piano is a great choice if you are on a budget.


  • Very affordable
  • Portable
  • Features LCD that gives professional look
  • Preload 100 keyboard sounds, 100 rhythms, 50 pre-recorded sounds
  • Includes pair of headphones
  • Can be powered by 6 D six D size batteries


  • Not weighted keys

6. KORG tiny Piano


  • 25 keys from C4-C6
  • Natural touch, velocity sensitive keyboard
  • 50 demo songs, 25 instrumental voices
  • Octave shift
  • Mini jack headphones
  • 100 preset & 100 user DSP
  • Powered by AC or 6 AA batteries (9volt)
  • Weight a little over 10 lbs with batteries

KORG is a Japanese company that knows a thing or two about crafting professional high quality pianos and the Korg Tiny Piano follows closely into its footsteps.

KORG tiny Piano
Check Price on Amazon

It features 25 sensitive keys which you can adjust the note volume depending on the pressure exerted by the finger. Korg tiny is perfectly designed for kids aged 1 to 3 years old.

Don’t be fooled that you are investing much in a toy piano, hell no. It’s a real piano that’s scaled down to a child’s size with features such as decent resonance, nice pitch, and crisp speakers that fit the piano size.

The company fully understand the need to expose the kid to premium-sound quality at a young age to prepare them for their future in music.


  • Small & portable
  • Quality material thus durable
  • Excellent instrument samples
  • Perfect pitch and nice tones
  • Features touch sensitive keyboard
  • Available in white, black, red and pink color


  • AC cables purchased separately

7. Yamaha Mini PSS-A50 (37 Keys)


  • 37 high quality mini keys
  • Touch responses: soft, medium, hard, fixed
  • of voices: 40 + 2 drum kits
  • Polyphony: 32
  • Arpeggio:138 types
  • USB to Host: Available (MIDI, USB micro B)
  • Motion effects: 34 types

Over the past few years, Yamaha has thrived on designing scaled-down keyboards but equipped them with impressive features. It comes with 37 high-quality mini keys and 138 musical phrases.

Yamaha Mini PSS-A50
Check Price on Amazon

The PSS-A50 is super lightweight and small in size that will fit in your backpack whenever you want to move around and feel comfortable on your lap.

It’s powered by either a USB connection or Four AA batteries. The key bed is very good the response is spectacular at its price range.

It features a bright LED display that has red numbers and letters indicating various functions selected. The instruments got their own assigned arpeggio and numerous styles for each instrument sound.


  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Powered by either USB or Four AA batteries
  • Features complex motion effects at its price range
  • Has built-in sounds & excellent MIDI controller
  • Decent sounding


  • Only has single phrase recorder

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That’s it

In today’s review, I have listed the best piano for beginner child to help your kid start already. The list includes pianos with simple features which are ideal for kids aged 1 to 7 years and full-standard keyboards that your kid will play up to stage performance level.

The information shared here is totally unbiased and all just my opinion to help parents and guardians whose kids show interest in playing the piano.

I hope you find the information useful and good luck shopping for your ideal piano.

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