7 Best Microphone for Acoustic Guitar Recording 2021

Microphones and acoustic guitars are indispensable in music recording studios – the best microphone for acoustic guitar recording. Best Microphone for Acoustic Guitar Recording 

Acoustic guitars enhance melody and unless their sound is well captured for recording, they can easily fade out killing the melody and the appeal of the track being recorded. 

Recording acoustic guitar is quite complex and requires expertise and the right equipment especially microphones to capture the sound just right.

Top 7 Best Microphone for Acoustic Guitar Recording 2021

1. Shure SM81

This microphone has been trusted for ages by generations of music producers as one of the best acoustic guitar recording microphone.

It is a tubular, small diaphragm condenser microphone that captures the acoustic guitar sound clearly. This microphone is trusted to deliver and is a staple of all recording studios – just like when you have the best mac for music production.


  • Captures acoustic guitar perfectly
  • Can provide high quality stereo sound
  • Reliably consistent.


  • It can only be used for close miking as a result of its low frequency.

2. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

This is another small diaphragm condenser microphone widely used in recording studios specifically to capture acoustic guitar sounds.

It is praised for the high quality of sound it captures and how easily it captures sounds from the acoustic guitar in spite of its small diaphragm. For the quality of sound it captures, the MXL 770 is affordably priced.


  • Durable
  • Affordable high quality send for less dollars.
  • Much larger than other acoustic guitar microphones.
  • Effective superior FEP preamp


  • Small diaphragm condenser

For the best sound on your acoustic guitar, you can buy the MXL 770 affordably here.

3. AKG Perception 170

A simply built microphone. The AKG Perception 170 is one of the most powerful microphones for recording the acoustic guitar and other instruments.

It is highly trusted in the music recording industry and is highly rated for the sound quality it captures. In addition it is quite affordable and will not break the budget for your recording studio.


  • Affordable
  • High quality sound capture
  • Comes with a cardioid polar pattern for better audio quality from your acoustic guitar.


  • Simplistic microphone without many features

4. Yeti Pro from Blue Microphones

The Yeti Pro is a step above the original Yeti microphone. It is a unique microphone for professional recording being that it is a USB microphone.

Unlike most USB microphones that are nothing to write home about, this Yeti Pro unbelievably captures high quality for your acoustic guitar recording and will be a very good microphone for both your bedroom and professional music studio.


  • Uses a three pronged audio capture design; cardioid, Omni and figure eight.
  • Can record in stereo via its dual mode settings.
  • Contains a 5 pin XLR balanced output
  • In the affordable price range for amateur and professional studios.


  • USB microphone normally associated with low quality
  • You can buy the Yeti Pro from Blue Microphones here

5. Rode NT2A

This is one of the most widely used microphone for acoustic guitar recording. Mostly, this is as a result of its favorable price considering the quality of audio it captures and produces.

With its distinct tri-factor pattern, this microphone is ideal for any kind of recording using the acoustic guitar and any other musical instrument including voice.

It captures and produces high quality 20 dB sound and has minimum noise interference. Many producers and music veterans recommend this microphone not only for its considerably low price but also for the quality of its work.


  • Highly recommended for its audio quality
  • High quality for its price
  • Low self-noise microphone(7db)


  • Weighs 1.9lbs
  • Needs a strong stand for proper positioning in front of your acoustic guitar.
  • To buy this microphone, check out its prices here

 Types of Best Microphone for Acoustic Guitar Recording

1. Large Diaphragm Condenser microphones

The large-diaphragm microphone is suitable for when you are making your guitar at a short distance. As a result, the sound produced or captured for your recording includes that of the environment in which you are playing.

2. Small Diaphragm Condenser microphone

The small-diaphragm microphone is ideal for close miking your acoustic guitar. Close miking your acoustic guitar ensures that you only capture the sounds of your guitar without any interference from the room or environment you are recording in.

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